The divorce lawyers at Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin guide individuals in eastern Pennsylvania through the divorce process and the financial and child custody issues that go along with it.

At HRMM&L, we firmly believe that the interests of all parties are usually best served through a negotiated settlement. However, in those situations where the search for common ground is not successful, our law firm will take an aggressive stance in advocating on behalf of our clients.

Our attorneys can efficiently handle amicable or non-contested divorces where the parties do not want to use an attorney to contest issues, but simply to obtain the divorce decree and distribute their marital property in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

Our attorneys are prepared to handle non-contested divorces, as well as any issue that may arise during divorce, including protection orders from abuse and child custody contests. Distribution of property can be complicated when there are significant assets such as businesses involved. In these cases, our lawyers use forensic accountants who can both identify assets and get at those assets to distribute them equitably.

Anyone going through a divorce needs a lawyer with enough experience to guide and counsel them about their rights and what they are able to achieve. Our law firm has been handling divorce cases in Montgomery county and eastern Pennsylvania for over 35 years. Our lawyers are known and respected among family court judges and domestic masters (who are attorneys appointed by the court to handle family law cases). Our reputation is that of lawyers who know the law, use ethical boundaries, and serve as effective advocates for our clients’ rights.

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