Carl N. Weiner, Co-chair of Real Estate Group

November 15, 2017


Recently I served as a mediator between two associations that had been feuding for over 20 years over shared maintenance of a common roadway. After hours of meeting with both boards and their respective counsel, I was able to gain their trust and help them to trust each other in moving forward towards an agreement. Based on my experience of creating over 150 associations and representing many associations, I was able to help them realistically assess the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. And after hours of meetings, we were able to finally hammer out a settlement.

I spend most of my day in a suit and tie, sitting behind a desk. I love what I do, but I also love the outdoors. And most of my clients have not seen me in my hiking gear and cycling outfits, thankfully. I regularly bike through most of Montgomery County and Bucks County. But for my hiking treks, I go a little further afield off the beaten path. I’ve hiked the mountains and glaciers in Patagonia. I’ve camped out on safari in Africa. I’ve explored the Galapagos Islands. And I’ve hiked through Yosemite, Yellowstone, and many of the national parks.

They say it’s a small world, but when you’re out and you realize how different it is from the east coast that we’re used to, you realize how vast and beautiful the world is.

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