Steven B. Barrett, Chair of Personal Injury Practice

November 15, 2017

Our firm handles many devastating cases when it comes to victims and negligence. A man in his early 60s comes to our office, and he said that his wife died from stage four lung cancer and that he believed that it was cancer that could have been caught when it was only stage one. And the difference with that is that if he had stage one, typically, all you need for treatment is to go in and remove the tumor or the nodule in the lung without any chemotherapy or radiation, and the chances of survival are far, far better. Well, he believed the doctor dropped the ball, and because of the delay in diagnosing the cancer, it ultimately killed her because it developed into stage four where it metastasized. It spread to her brain, her bones, her liver.

A very prestigious personal injury firm in Philadelphia had the case, but they turned it down. Well, we took the case and started from scratch. We thought the case was something worthy of significant dollars to compensate both the husband and their surviving children. He was a middle-class maintenance worker working in Philadelphia. The kids were relatively young adults and had significant school loans. We took that case to trial, and during trial, we were able to secure a multi-million dollar result for our client and his two adult grown children. A case where if he had never come to our firm, had never spoken to me, would never have brought one single penny to the family because that other law firm decided to turn it down. But we, because of our diligence, the system we use here, our process, and our just dogginess [SP], defined a case and made sure that our clients, who are worthy of being compensated and get essentially the justice they deserve.

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